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Position and large-scale projects

Pooling is the common theme running through all BRIC’s activities and its spearhead.

Aspect 1: pooling infrastructures

Through our Regional Data Centre:

Spread over three geographically separate and redundant sites, the Regional Data Centre houses the IT equipment and servers used to store, process and protect the data of the Brussels public authorities.

Through IRISnet, our broadband telecommunications network:

  • Thanks to IRISnet, the entire Brussels-Capital Region benefits from a broadband network stretching over 320 km with a framework comprising at least 72 fibre-optic bundles
  • Thanks to IRISnet, we also have free, secure Wi-Fi without volume restrictions, with hotspots at busy squares , etc. in the Brussels Region
  • The Fiber to the School programme aims to provide all the secondary schools in Brussels with a fibre-optic connection (100 Mbps)

Aspect 2: pooling platforms and ICT services

Through our platforms for citizens:

  • IRISbox, the Region’s one-stop shop offering documents on line 24/7 as well as almost 300 interactive forms.
  • The Fix My Street application that can be used to report problems with roads, street lighting en illegal dumping, brings together many regional bodies including Brussels Mobility, the 19 communes of Brussels, Sibelga, Proximus, Vivaqua and the Brussels public transport company.
  • The portal contains all the ‘Brussels Smart City’ information of the Brussels Region.

Through our specific platforms:

  • the regional platform for pooling CCTV images between the police zones, Brussels public transport, Brussels Mobility, Port of Brussels, etc. favors the homogenization of the used technologies as well as the real coherence of urban management (safety, mobility, intervention of emergency services, …)
  • BOS for the electronic management of colleges, councils and deliberation processes
  • Nova, the platform dedicated to the management of urban planning permits and environmental licences.

Through Pooling IT purchases:

An advantageous, faster and secure purchasing experience with the BRIC Central Procurement Agency and the e-Catalogue (IT equipment, software and ICT services)

Through our services:

Aspect 3: pooling data

The BRIC serves as a vector for authentic sources and also promotes Open Data at various levels:

  • the definition of a strategy and a legal basis with an Open Data ordinance and licences that can be adapted for the entire Region and an ordinance creating Fidus, the services integrator responsible for data exchanges and authentic sources across the Region
  • the implementation and management of reference tools, with the portal, the sole access point to the open data sets of the Brussels public services and their partners or the services integrator Fidus, the legal administrator of electronic data exchanges from authentic sources for the Brussels institutions
  • the production of data with UrbIS®© cartography: the geographical databases of the Brussels-Capital Region are circulated free of charge under the Open Data licence (French - Dutch) system and constitute an authentic source
  • the popularisation of Open Data, organising and supporting many hackathons aimed at developing solutions that are beneficial to the Brussels Region, its businesses and its citizens.

Aspect 4: pooling IT human resources

The regional, local and community public institutions can benefit from the cutting-edge IT skills (specific or long-term services) via our partner, IRISteam, as well as the expertise of specialised external consultants through framework agreements concluded via the BRIC Central Procurement Agency.