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To fulfil this mission, Paradigm is able to leverage to in-house assets:

  • in terms of telecommunications, Paradigm possesses state-of-the-art facilities as a founding shareholder of IRISnet scrl;
  • in terms of human resources, assistance and ICT-service delivery, Paradigm possesses cutting-edge IT skills through the non-profit association IRISteam asbl.


IRISteam asbl is tasked with providing IT human resources support, assistance and service delivery in information management, digital mapping, telecommunications, ICT and related matters to its members, including the biggest of them, Paradigm. With its staff of some 500 people, IRISteam functions as a skills centre. Its members include around 100 regional and local administrations and organisations in the Brussels-Capital Region.

A pool of skills

IRISteam’s dynamic human resources model offers attractive, stimulating working conditions.

  • IRISteam promotes skills development through a wide range of training opportunities tailored to every profile;
  • IRISteam staff work to implement ambitious projects using cutting-edge technologies for the benefit of citizens;
  • IRISteam promotes knowledge sharing between new hires and experienced staff in a friendly environment, to everyone’s advantage.

A structure that benefits its members

The IRISteam professionals offer members a wide range of services, including everyday management and delivery of IT services and projects.

IRISteam is a “cost-sharing association” that offers IT resources at cost price. By using the professionals of IRISteam, the members benefit from transparent, streamlined administrative management.

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