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Customer focus

This relates to the general and collective focus, translated by empathy, an in-depth understanding of customers' expectations and needs, and the quality of the customer experience.


This trait is derived from confidence, trustworthiness, credibility, honesty, loyalty, thoroughness. It is the ability to operate without fault through secure data. Sustainability is the outcome of this value.


Synonymous with shared work and participating in tasks with others, this value includes the concept of assistance, association, complicity, solidarity and cooperation. 


Ability to adapt quickly to change, flexibility and resilience are synonyms of agility. The responsiveness and autonomy of each Paradigm employee are the typical expression of this value.


There are different lines of attack between pure novelty and enhanced quality. This value permeates our entire ecosystem, both within Paradigm and on a regional level, in the form of a collective and/or multidisciplinary dynamic.