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Mission & activities

Paradigm is the ICT partner entrusted, within the Brussels-Capital Region, with any mission of computer, telematics and cartographic development of and assistance to :

  • regional, community and local institutions;
  • the offices of the Ministers and State Secretaries of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region;
  • public-interest organisations in the Brussels-Capital Region.
Paradigm is the public interest organisation working on the digital transformation in the Brussels-Capital Region. As such, it acts as an orchestrator of digital capabilities by developing greater coherence, mutualisation and cross-functionality, while accelerating the transition for all.

In exercising its task, Paradigm helps the responsible minister of computing and digitalisation. More specifically, the centre offers constant support during the preparation of the policy through:

  • Its authority regarding digitalisation of public institutions and the development of their work methods;
  • The popularisation of new information and communication technologies (ICT);
  • Its profound knowledge and constant, meticulous observation of ICT, including their relation to other federated entities and the European Union.



The mandate of Paradigm may include in particular:

  • the establishment of master plans, audits, advice and assistance in acquisition;
  • information and communication technology staff training, ICT services assistance;
  • producing an inventory of the IT and telematics resources used by local authorities;
  • the implementation and monitoring of ICT, telematics, mapping and telecommunication projects;
  • the management, development, promotion and distribution of cartography;
  • annual information on developments in information technologies useful for the development of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Paradigm may also be asked to participate in and manage research, development, demonstration and dissemination programmes with a view to

  • providing general expertise to its publics;
  • promoting the scientific and technological potential of the Region;
  • coordinating regional action within the programmes and activities of the European Union and at federal and international level.
Within this framework, Paradigm has brought together all local authorities for projects related to IT development, pooled infrastructures and the provision of human resources through IRISteam asbl.

The government can assign further tasks to Paradigm for which Paradigm can engage the employees of the not-for-profit organisation IRISteam.



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