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Coordination Committee

The Coordination Committee is a body set up in the context of the order of 8 May 2014 on the creation and organisation of a regional services integrator. Its missions are as follows:

  • to advise Fidus on authentic sources, the rules database, the responsibilities,
  • to approve the norms and standards and the basic architecture proposed by Fidus,
  • to approve the proposal put forward by Fidus as regards means of authentication, monitoring and tracing,
  • to put forward a vision and a strategy in the context of services integration,
  • to suggest ways of stimulating data exchange.

The Coordination Committee meets 4 times a year. At these meetings, Fidus representatives propose an order for data exchange requests from participating public services based on the following criteria:

  • first connection to Fidus (yes/no),
  • number of participating public services that will use the data exchange requested,
  • estimate of the number of annual transactions for this exchange.

Furthermore, priority data exchange requests, i.e. those resulting from a binding legal obligation or the absence of which prevents the participating public service carrying out its missions, are implemented before those which are already authorised, which are themselves implemented before those which are not yet authorised.

Finally, if the implementation of the exchange is blocked by the participating public service or its subcontractor, the implementation of this exchange is frozen for a period of 3 months. If the blockage occurs because of an authentic source, the implementation is suspended but begins again once the blockage is lifted. Other requests are implemented while waiting for blockages to be lifted.