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Administrative questions concerning a request

1. How do I receive my document?

The document will be mailed to you within three to five working days after the date on which you requested it.

3. I have paid but my municipality has not received my payment and is asking me to pay again.
    I have paid but my request has been refused. How do I obtain a refund?

Make sure you have your proof of payment and contact the municipal administration or public interest organisation to which the request was made.

Technical/IT questions concerning the use of Irisbox

4. What are the conditions for being able to use IRISbox?

We do not provide ID card readers. They are available from multimedia shops.

You can check whether your system (computer) is compatible by going to and clicking "Verify my configuration"

This problem often has to do with the configuration of the citizen's computer or with his ID card reader. Check the installation of your hardware.

You can test the installation by clicking the following link:

Explanation: IRISbox uses the ID card to retrieve the home address and compare it with the address in the National Register. If it appears that you no longer live in Belgium, you will not be given access.

In this case, please contact the competent municipal service or consult

  • After completing your request you will reach the last page. There, click “Send”.
  • You can follow the status of your request by clicking “My requests”. This will show you all your requests and their respective statuses.

The time-out of IRISbox for an active session is two hours. This time-out does not depend on the application, but on the authentication module.

  • General authentication error
    If, during authentication, you receive the message "General error" (in red), this is not due to a system malfunction at Paradigm, but to an error with the OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) service and/or CRL (Certificate Revocation List) of FEDICT (required for identification, verifying certificates, etc.). Wait 24 hours after the message appears then try again.
  • java.lang.NullPointerException error on authentication, after having entered your PIN
    This message is due to the fact that you are no longer resident in Belgium, and are therefore not able to use the IRISbox.
  • BDOWN error
    The error code BDOWN means that the CBE database is not available. In this case, wait two hours then try again. This problem has nothing to do with IRISbox.
  • An error has occurred.
    This problem often has to do with the citizen's postal address: either he no longer lives in Belgium or his address has been incorrectly entered in the National Register. In both cases, the citizen must contact the municipality.

Don't worry, we can take over remote control of your PC and establish why you are unable to log on to the application. In this case, call us on (+32 2 201 00 00) and follow the instructions to download Team Viewer:

  1. Go to our website
  2. Click  Helpdesk IRISline 02 801 0000 
  3. You will be taken to the page: IRISLine: the helpdesk of Paradigm
  4. At the end of the text click the executable program (download Team Viewer)
  5. Once the download process has finished, we can take over control of your PC. Our IRISline operators will help you find a solution to your login problem as quickly as possible.