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The BRIC becomes Paradigm in recognition of its new role

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The Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC) began an extensive reorganisation in 2020 to fully embrace its position as an orchestrator of digital capabilities and accelerate the transition of the Brussels Region. Today, it has a new identity to send a strong signal.

Founded in 1987, the BRIC launched a major transformation programme in 2020 to evolve from its role as a producer/supplier of services to that of an orchestrator of IT services for the entire Brussels regional public infrastructure.

With its new mission as a manager, coordinator, initiator and catalyst of solutions, the BRIC develops large numbers of ICT projects in the Brussels Region on a daily basis in partnership with administrations, companies and users of the Brussels ecosystem. These expanded roles allow it to work with greater coherence, mutualisation and transversality, so it can harmonise digital practices for all.

"Since 2019, I have radically transformed the BRIC in order to position it as a key player in the digital transformation of the Region and its administrations. Today, this is accompanied by a new identity and a new name. Long live Paradigm," says Bernard Clerfayt, Brussels Minister in charge of Digital Transition.

Discover Paradigm!

A new brand for the Region's ICT coordinator

Exit the name BRIC; we now talk about Paradigm. If we break the term down, we find the notion of partners, administrations, digitisation and mutualisation. In the digital lexicon, a paradigm is also a matrix, which refers to the IT industry. The aim of Paradigm is to move towards a more connected, inclusive and pleasant city. It will do so by making users the focus of its concerns.

The Paradigm logo was created with the very essence of the digital world: the binary code 0 and 1, and therefore the most basic computing language. It is the smallest possible digital expression, which can create absolutely anything. From simple text to complex programmes, including sound and 3D images. This binarity has been treated dynamically by integrating a symbol of accessibility and security, thus conveying both fluidity and control.
This new identity is intended to symbolise increased synergies, sharing and efficiency between administrations. Paradigm, a technology-neutral and competitive partner of every public institution, simplifies and enhances the lives of Brussels' stakeholders and citizens thanks to digital technology.

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