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Listening to our users - UrbIS Users' Club

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The UrbIS Users' Club was held in person at BIP on Tuesday 14 February 2023.

This Users' Club was a great opportunity to review the successes and developments of the service, answer users' questions and requests, listen to and understand their needs and enjoy some time together.

During this morning, Florian Barthélemy from PwC Belgium spoke as an expert about the modelling of buildings proposed by an ICEGBuilding group.

The highlights:

  • Users are generally satisfied with their experience with UrbIS, although there is obviously room for improvement (CSAT of 50%),
  • UrbIS datasets are easy to use (CES of -64%),
  • Users would recommend the datasets to their colleagues and peers (NPS of 58 😊).

Participants particularly appreciated the interactivity, dynamism and conviviality of this discussion time.

UrbIS was the first Users' Club of 2023. Other Users' Club events related to our various products and services will be held throughout the year. Once again, Paradigm has positioned itself as an entity that listens to the users of its services with a view to improving quality. Increasing satisfaction rates among our users and partners remains one of our daily challenges.

Congratulations to all the teams involved!