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Digitisation of public services in Brussels: 84% of processes available online

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According to the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) for Brussels, digitisation is well underway in the city! But what about public services? The Brussels Minister for Digital Transition, Bernard Clerfayt, has commissioned a study examining the Brussels DESI. A short explanation. 

How can you measure a country's level of digitisation? This is made possible by the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). This score, developed by the European Commission, is used to compare the digital performance of member states.

And what about Brussels itself? The results are very encouraging, with Brussels sitting above the European average. The city achieved a score of 58%, behind Denmark (70%) but ahead of the EU27 average (51%).

When it comes to digital public services, the Brussels Region is also above average for the EU27 countries.  Providing digital public services to citizens and businesses is one of the Region's strengths: 84% of citizens' administrative processes can be accessed online, compared to an average of 75% for Europe as a whole. In terms of services for businesses, 99% are accessible online, compared to 85% at a European level.

In fact, a higher proportion of Brussels residents use e-government than in the rest of Belgium and the European Union. 68% of the population of Brussels uses online public services, compared to 66% in Belgium overall and 64% in the EU27 countries.

"You can't say that Brussels is lagging behind when it comes to digitisation! The figures show that we're on the right track. What's more, my new ordinance project, Digital Brussels, will make online access to all administrative processes universal and enable the people of Brussels to benefit even more from the advantages that digital technology brings," comments Bernard Clerfayt.

Finally, in the Brussels Region, 68% of online administrative forms are pre-filled with citizens' or companies' personal data from various authentic data sources. Great news for Brussels residents — saving them time and making life easier.

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