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BRIC 2022

Paradigm (ex-Brussels Regional Informatics Centre) is the trusted IT partner that aspires to be recognised as the operator of digital transition and technological innovations in the Brussels-Capital Region at the service of public administrations.

To that end, and in line with the Brussels Government's digital strategy, Paradigm has since 2020 committed to a major transformation programme (BRIC 2022) designed to improve the quality of its services and increase the satisfaction of its customers and partners.

Paradigm is repositioning itself as an orchestrator of digital services, a manager of the regional Catalogue of ICT services, service provider and coordinator so it can align ICT policies with those of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, with a view to encouraging the digital transition and promoting ICT. Lastly, Paradigm also wants to position itself as a regional authority in the field of ICT.

To that end, Paradigm aims to achieve the following five strategic objectives:

Strategic objective 1

Ensure the daily management of Paradigm by motivating and leading the teams to achieve the strategic and operational objectives for the implementation of the regional IT strategy in a culture of continuous improvement of performance and quality management.

Strategic objective 2

Develop and implement a cross-cutting and multidisciplinary policy in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Strategic objective 3

Coordinate regional institutional stakeholders to ensure the pooling of IT developments and infrastructure in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Strategic objective 4

Be the reference centre of expertise for everything relating to IT at the level of the Region

Strategic objective 5

Strengthen the Region's IT positioning at a federal, European and international level.

The floor is given to Paradigm's Directorate-General


Paradigm's structure is moving towards a hub-based organisation.


Hub Smarketing

This hub aims to increase our customers' satisfaction and the quality of the services offered to them.

Hub Digital Product Management

This hub concerns the management of shared IT services and specific "on-demand" services for all the Brussels-Capital Region's entities.

Hub Digital Transformation

This hub aims to offer the digital skills needed to support the regional strategy and the regional stakeholders (cross-cutting themes, users' future needs, data exchanges).

Hub Digital Factory

This hub will offer IT services according to two production models: one a controlled mature type, focusing on the continuous optimisation of services already known, and the other an exploratory type that focuses on innovation.

Hub Cross-cutting support

This hub will offer cross-cutting support to all the other hubs in terms of logistics, legal matters, communication, change management, budget preparation and cost optimisation.

Hub Back Office

This hub guarantees the optimal allocation of human resources and the good financial management of Paradigm.

Hub Services to the Directorate-General

Attached to the General Management, in particular, this hub will set up clear, efficient and coherent procedures to ensure the correct management and optimum monitoring of programmes/projects. It will also ensure that each hub follows the same standards for the operational management of its programmes/projects and that they remain aligned with Paradigm's overall strategy.

Hub IRISteam

IRISteam also participates in the transformation programme with the ambition of improving the human resources and IT skills management strategy for the benefit of all its members (Paradigm, the IT Cells and, more generally, the Region), with the development of specialist skills, IT management, the development and hiring of talent and all the associated HR management procedures.